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Beach Spot Vacation

Looking for an Original and Incredible Beach Spot Vacation?

Try the beaches of Brittany France.


st. malo france

Experience the natural seawater swimming pools along the beaches of St. Malo, France. They open pool to allow the ocean water to flow in, and then close the doors. The water warms with the sun and even when the tide goes out, you can swim in the warm ocean water. Incredible.

Find it when you visit Bon Secours in St. Malo, France. This beach is the most centrally located. It is just outside the beautiful old city walls.

St Malo France

While you are in St. Malo you will totally enjoy the;

Aquarium St. Malo

Go from the touch and feel of the beaches, to seeing creatures that live far off in that same ocean! Imagine being in front of 8 magnificent sharks in a giant wraparound vision tank. In fact, you can actually spend a whole night at the aquarium and watch sharks at feeding time.

For an unforgettable tour see the sunken shipwreck, the tropical fish collection, the sharks’ ring. The Big Aquarium in Saint Malo, in the middle of the Malouin Basin, is an extraordinary adventure of underwater landscapes. It distinguishes itself with 9 thematic areas from the cold to the hot seas. And yes, there is a Petite Aquarium.

Enjoy your St. Malo Beach Vacation from the sands to the sea creatures!

beach spot vacation

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Bon Secours photo by law_keven