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Getaways Weekend

Getaways Weekend


A Getaways Weekend Renews the Bond between Hardworking Couples

A weekend getaway is the perfect mini-vacation for hardworking couples looking for a little luxury, solitude, fun and romance.

As busy parents who work 40 plus hours each week and overtime we rarely have any time for ourselves.

With children, we also do not have the luxury of taking an extended visit away from the kids so we decided to take a weekend getaway to Mexico. Thankfully, booking the vacation was a breeze and the experience was magical!

A Mexico vacation was not a hassle to book or even expensive. Short-notice booking allowed us to book the same week we traveled and the pricing and fees were very flexible. Because we where only leaving for a weekend, we threw a couple of casual outfits in an overnight back and were packed in less than 10 minutes!Getaways Weekend

Though we where only able to experience Mexico for one weekend, we were able to plan our little weekend getaway so we could take advantage of everything. We enjoyed the beautiful crystal clear water as we sunbathed at the beach, went swimming and diving. Then we explored ancient Mayan ruins while learning about the exciting history of Mexico. To top off our nights we danced the night away to the beat of salsa music while mingling with friendly locals.


At each meal, we were presented with mouthwatering authentic Mexican cuisine while we sipped on Margaritas. The night before returning to the real world, we took advantage of our luxurious resort spa accommodations to be fully pampered and enjoy a couple's massage. Getaways Weekend

The getaways weekend was a great bonding and renewing experience for us. We returned home relaxed, full of energy and more appreciative of each other and our family. When our anniversary comes up in a few months, we plan on taking another mini Mexican escape.


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Photos by mdanys.