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Travel Europe Vacation

european vacation spot


European Vacation Spots:

france vacation spot

Travel Europe Vacation:

Europe covers a whole lot of countries and, with the recent expansion of the European Union, it now reaches a lot further east.

For most people, though, a European vacation spot tends to concentrate on what we think of as the ‘Wonderful Traditional’ European countries. I know mine did.

Britain, Holland, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and back to Britain again. Wow, even now I still get goose bumps of excitement thinking about it all.

I was lucky enough to be able to spend a fair amount of time in each country so I could really get the feel of each one and start to appreciate the differences between them – and believe me, they really are very different to each other.

Knowing a little Spanish and French was a big advantage – but, you know, it is astounding how many Europeans speak at least some English, so that helps.

Also, however much off the main roads you think you have gone, you won’t have many days without hearing an American accent. Those American contacts can be really useful too, because you will get so much good advice about places to visit or reasonably priced places to eat.

Travel Europe Vacation - Highlights

Castle in Edinburgh by http2007 gardens edinburgh by saturn_es








My highlights of my European Vacation?

This part is so hard to do because there were so many but if I have to choose just five then I’ll start with Edinburgh in August.

Edinburgh is a beautiful city, dominated by the castle towering over the famous Prince’s Street, but in August it is full of the biggest street theatre you will ever find anywhere in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

It is simply amazing – but make sure you get you accommodation fixed in good time, because it’s very busy.

European Vacation Spots - Spain

Barcelona by Gushnu Torre Agbar Barcelona by edgenumbers

For number two, I’ll go for Barcelona, a place that has everything.

Fantastic architecture – look out for buildings designed by Antoni Gaudi, especially La Sagrada Familia. You’ll never see anything like them again. Barcelona has all the winding, narrow streets you’d expect in the Gothic quarter around the cathedral and the Picasso museum but it’s also got a great Mediterranean beach, a vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere and is full of cool people.


Paris, Switzerland...Travel Europe Vacation

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Beach Spot In France

Photos by Agaw, iessi,
http2007, saturn_es,
gushnu, edgenumbers.