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Vacation Hot Spots Cuba


Top Vacation Hot Spots

Vacations are something that we all need every now and then, to help keep us sane and to refresh ourselves so that we can keep tackling our daily routines.  Finding the best vacation hot spots is essential so that you can get the most out of your trip as possible.  You want to know you're in paradise.


Three of my favorite vacation hot spots are listed below with some tasty tid-bits to help you see the bigger picture.  I am sure that you will agree with me on these being the top hot vacation spots for everyone and if you want to hit all three in one trip then look for cruises that cover the Caribbean area.



If you a music lover then you will love Cuba.  Cuba has an undying passion for music and it shows with some of the dances that originated here such as the mamba, salsa and the modern rumba.  You will also find that there is a great deal of jazz lovers in this area but no matter where you visit, music will most definitely be a part of your trip.  You cannot take a trip to Cuba without having a Caribbean rum drink!  My favorite was the drink called Shrubb. It has a wonderful mixture of rum, sugar and orange peel.


One thing I really found interesting was the fact that they regulate hitch hiking here.  While being a tourist makes you exempt from picking up hikers, you can still hitch a ride with confidence to get to your destination if need be.  They have people in place to help keep track of where hitch hikers are going and they help them get a ride.Vacation Hot Spots Cuba

  If this is not your forte, don't worry, as travel is cheap so you can take a cab or even rent a car if you need to get around.  These are the coolest taxis!



Montego Bay

Vacation Hot Spots  Montego Bay

This vacation hot spot is one of my absolute favorite places to visit.  If you are looking for a vacation where all of your needs are taken care of and you do not ever have to leave your hotel then you have to go to Sandals.  Get 2 nights Free plus save up to 60% and a $100 Red Lane Spa Credit at Sandals Montego Bay!

This is an all inclusive resort where you pay one set price and all of your meals, drinks (including mixed drinks) and entertainment are included.  I never had to leave the resort for anything.  They offer the largest private beach in all of Jamaica for their guests to bask in the sun or to enjoy a romantic walk on the beach at night. 


St. Lucia

Vacation Hot Spots - St. Lucia

This is another spectacular place to visit.  Truly breath taking and so romantic.  There is also a Sandals all inclusive resort here but you can stay at other places as well.  St. Lucia is packed with so much to see and do that you will find it hard to leave.  You will feel like your missing something when you finally end your trip.  You will find hotel accommodations relatively cheap (mine was $109 a night at Almond Resort) here so you don't have to worry about spending a fortune. Get 1 Night Free and save up to 65% at Sandals Regency La Toc in St. Lucia


The Caribbean area is the best when it comes to vacation hot spots.  There are many resorts to choose from so you can have a totally relaxing vacation, where the only things you have to do is eat and sleep, the rest is done for you.


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Photos by zoonabar,
Loren Sztager, jimg944.

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