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A Vacation Spot New



New England Vacation Spot




A Vacation Spot New England.

New England In Vacation Spot

I have to be straight forward with you here. The first time my husband and I took a vacation together New England was probably one of the last places I ever would have thought about going.

When I think vacation I think about the south and destinations with clear blue water that you can swim with dolphins and feel like your taking a romantic getaway. Now...

Coastal Vacation Spot

Today I can't go anywhere with friends or family without reminiscing about all the vacations we've had in New England some six years later. The thought of relaxation used to mean laying on the beach underneath a large umbrella reading a book and enjoying the sound of the waves coming in from the ocean. Want to know what I think about now? The exact same thing except on the New England shores.

My favorite time is the fall when most of the tourists are gone and
privacy is at its best. We have a place overlooking the Cape Cod Bay which gives you the goose bumps walking through a 19th century mansion on the way to your room. The weather is fantastic as its not hot and definitely not too cold, but on occasion in the mornings you may need that windbreaker.


New England Vacation Spot


Vacation Spot In New England

Every year while we are there we try and do something different because of how much the area has to offer overall. This year we decided to catch up on the history of the vineyards and wineries around the area. For the two of us it was simply romantic and surprising just the same.

Honeymoon Vacation spot

We set out to the Newport Vineyards on a guided tour listening back to 1917 when it all started. Tasting simple yet eloquent wines walking the land and building lasting memories only couples can do.

Vacation Spot OnlineNew England vineyards

Vacation Spot New England

While that was definitely enjoyable it was the scenic pictures we took from our train excursions that left us in awe. The ride takes you not only through the mountains of New Hampshire, but also along side lakes and rivers which make up nothing short of a magnificent view. As we were taking pictures it was fun to imagine back in the late 1800s how people were only beginning to build railroads and would never get a chance to see what we had experienced that day.

We would talk about both the winery and the train excursion over dinner at the New England Clambake which is a culture of its own. Trying many different eastern foods such as lobster, clams, mussels, and other seafood wasn't even the best part although it was delicious.

New England Food

The presentation is what got us with everyone going down to the beach as the cooks prepare basically a pit or how many say a bonfire. We literally watched them take shovels and build it themselves. It was something we had never seen as the fire goes out they lay seaweed over the top of the ash to create steam that lasts for a few hours. I don't want to go into everything but it was simply unbelievable and quite the turnout. Such an amazing Vacation Spot New England...

These were just a few things we did on this trip along with the usual shops and lighthouses to look at, mixed with a little relaxation that we both need.

Every year that we leave I'm already thinking about the things we'll be doing on our next trip up there.

I want to go on the whale watching tour again, especially since we'll be bringing the kids for a little Weekend Getaway. They love the festivals and amusement parks along with the old colonial history that surrounds the area. Yes, it was surprising to me, but I guess when they act out colonial wars its more entertaining. I thought it was...

Here's To The Vacation Spot New England!

New England Vacation Spot New England Vacation Spot


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Photos by Dominic Sayers, Flattop341, Skycaptaintwo, Sporko, Just Us 3, Wickenden, Evadedave, Hyperfinch, Jaye Elle, Gilbert_R.