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cheap las vegas vacation packages



Cheap Vacation Spots

Everyone loves to go on vacation, but with many people feeling pressure from the economy it might be hard to afford. While you might dream of staying at the Ritz-Carlton, your budget might tell you that you need to stay at Super 8. There’s nothing wrong with that and there are many places you can go on a budget.

Where are the best deals in travel and what can you do?

How about North Dakota?

cheap las vegas vacation packages If you’re looking for a great trip for couples, you can’t go wrong with a cheap Las Vegas vacation package. This city is designed to get you to spend your money at the tables. This means that if you can somehow resist the temptation to gamble all your money away (pretty easy, actually) then you can experience a relatively cheap vacation spot.

Many travel companies will give you a great deal when you combine your flight and your hotel for a Vegas trip. Every so often, they’ll run cheap last minute vacation deals that include a room, flight, and even a free meal or two.

This is a great way to get out to Las Vegas on the cheap. Once you get to Las Vegas there is enough to see and do that you could be busy for weeks.

A lot of it you can experience for free or inexpensively. While there are a lot of high-roller establishments, there are a lot of deals to be had. Some cheap buffets actually still exist in Las Vegas.

Some casinos even offer $1 drinks if you’re not gambling and free drinks if you are. It’s hard to call something free when you’re giving them hundreds of dollars on the tables, but it still beats having to pay for your drinks and gamble. Vegas is the ideal destination for couples on a budget, especially if you are looking for a cheap honeymoon vacation.


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