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A Family Beach



best beaches florida
Your Next Family Beach Vacation

Recently, the search was on to find the best beach vacation spots around the world. We wanted to find the top three places where people not only went to frequently, but also is affordable for everyone.

Then of course, we had to look for activities that would accommodate both couples and kids alike so each of you can enjoy the getaway. Once we were done with our extensive research and even firsthand accounts, it came down to Florida, Jamaica, and Mexico.

Family Beach Vacation - Florida

florida beach vacations

If you add lots of sun, sandy beaches, a nice breeze off the ocean water, and the ability to find great deals before you go down, Florida is one of the best beach vacation spots for families, couples, and individuals every year.

Preference is obviously going to constitute where you go, but the "Sunshine State" offers enough beaches for everyone's interests. Most importantly, it can be a very inexpensive considering the cost of restaurants and activities are quite lower then most commercialized places.

So are you wondering just what a Florida beach vacation has to offer you and your family? Places like Panama City Beach has fun for everyone with lots of sun, over twenty-five miles of beach, amusement parks nearby, and both ocean view and oceanfront properties for easy access to everything.

If you want white sandy beaches then choosing somewhere like Fort Walton Beach will suit your fancy where getting a few rays and then being astonished by the culture can be entertaining for everyone.

There are plenty of beaches for every occasion in Florida to build a vacation based on family, individual or even couples events to allow anyone to enjoy their stay immensely.

Jamaica Vacation Spot

jamaica vacation spot

Nothing says affordable yet exotic like choosing a beach vacation in Jamaica. The clear blue waters complimenting the white sand allows for some of the most beautiful scenery anyone will ever see.

While you think this may be on a vacation for couples, there are plenty of things to do for the entire family on this type of trip. The beaches aren't as populated as you might think thanks to the lengths of sand to have plenty of room for everyone.

Your kids will be able to enjoy events like Sting Ray City that offers a once in a lifetime opportunity for the whole family to stand in the waters with instructors as you feel the stingrays brush by your legs as you feel the top of their body as they swim by you.

Plus there are other adventures as well including an excursion to a quaint area where hidden waterfalls can be climbed with the help of your guides and everyone jumps back down into the waterfall pool. Definitely a vacation where many distinct memories will be made.

Family Beach Vacation - Mexico

mexica family beach vacation spot

Any family wanting to try something different, Mexico is a great place for the entire family to enjoy the Caribbean and Pacific coasts with the sun embedded in the skies on a family beach vacation.

Taking in both the culture and commercialization at the same time can make you feel both right at home and on a vacation at the same time. However, the Maroma Beach is by far the biggest hidden destination in Mexico because of being overshadowed by Cancun which is only thirty miles away.

Taking in the Mayan Riviera and experiencing the views of the Mayan Ruins will leave everyone in awe. Couples can enjoy a full day of spa treatment then take the family over to swim with the dolphins.

There are obviously several places to go in Mexico, but having the opportunity to enjoy each others company and still be able to go to Cancun is pretty much the best of both worlds on this type of beach vacation.

In the end, it doesn't matter which of the three destinations you choose, just as long as everyone is ready to have some fun.

Photos by aquatone282, David
G..., Tal Lewinger.

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