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Hawaii Vacation Spots


hawaii vacation spot


Hawaii Vacation Spots Listening to the sound of the ocean drifting up and down the beach of Hawaii is what many people dream about. The black sand beaches, the volcanic rock, and the beautiful palm trees are enough to make anyone get thrills just thinking about it.

If you’ve never been to Hawaii, this is most likely one of your life’s goals. Everyone dreams about it, but some people never get around to going. Don’t allow this to be you. There is no time like the present to visit “Paradise on Earth.”

hawaii vacation spots So what does Hawaii have exactly? Hawaii Vacation Spots are made up of hundreds of tiny islands in the Pacific Ocean. There are actually eight main islands that visitors usually go to.

The eight islands are Ni’ihau, Kaua’i, O’ahu, Moloka’i, Lana’i, Kaho’olawe, Maui, and Hawaii. Hawaii is often called the “Big Island” because…well, it’s bigger than all the rest.

Hawaii was created by many different volcanoes that kept coming up out of the ocean. Sometimes, you’ll even be able to witness lava coming out of a volcano or the ground. The volcanic rock breaks down into black sand, which gives the Hawaiian landscape a look all its own.

hawaii vacation spots

The beauty of Hawaii is definitely unprecedented. Along the beach you’ll find crystal clear water coming up to the mountainous coast. Some of the most breathtaking waterfalls and pools are alongside these mountains. Many visitors like to take helicopter rides through the tropical terrain and see the amazing natural beauty.

Hawaii also offers a very unique culture for its visitors. Luau’s with hula dancers litter the beach in the evening, so you will never feel crowded. You’ll see tiki bars with a definite tropical atmosphere.

hawaii vacation spots

The locals have a carefree attitude that tends to rub off on their visitors. You’ll forget that you have any responsibilities in the world and “hang loose” throughout your trip.

The weather in Hawaii is always nearly perfect. Year round, you’ll be experiencing temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s. Although it is a tropical location, it’s not nearly as humid and scorching as some of them are. You’ll be challenged to find a day that isn’t comfortable outside. It’s perfect weather for kicking back in a hammock on the beach and enjoying a fruity drink.


hawaii vacation spots The islands of Hawaii offer luxury vacation spots and elegant hotels in the world. As if the island itself wasn’t perfect enough, you’ll be pampered and treated like royalty. In fact, you might not ever want to leave.


Alas…at some point you’ll probably have to go back to reality. The Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa is one of the more luxurious establishments on the island. It is newly renovated and offers some of the most amazing sweets on the island. The Kauai’s Marriot Resort and Beach Club is another one of the more popular places to stay. It is expansive at 800 acres and offers many activities and amenities.

Overall, you will be hard-pressed to have a disappointing time in paradise. Even if you sleep in a sleeping bag on the ground, you’re still in paradise. Planning your vacation to the Hawaii Vacation Spots can be almost as fun as being there. Just sit back and imagine the sand between your toes and an umbrella in your drink. Just a little bit longer and you’ll be there.

Photos by Flying Cloud,
bobster1985,Shiny Things,

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