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Vacation Cruises


cruise ship

When it comes to Vacation Cruises, what do you need to know when booking and planning for your Vacation Dream?

A cruise is a perfect Honeymoon Vacation Idea, especially with all the Luxury Cruise Line Vacation Packages, just for the two of you.

A Family Cruise Vacation is ideal for family travel.

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Choosing a Vacation Cruise

How do you narrow down which cruise you want, with so many to pick from? Start with A Vacation Idea. What do you really want to do on your vacation dream?

Rest and Relaxation?

Tons of daily activities?

Shop at every port you stop at?

A different spa treatment everyday?

Plenty of activities for the kids?

Cruise ships can vary when it comes to the type of holiday they can provide.

An Alaskan Cruise is much different than a Hawaii Honeymoon Vacation. So have some fun thinking of your vacation ideas!

There are so many cruises to book with, from large to small ships. All depending on what type of vacation you want.

Vacation Cruises - Luxury vs Cheap

cruises Just like the size of the ship can vary, so can the prices.

Are you looking for a Top Luxury Cruise Vacation with all the spa and spunk? You've earned it. Get away and enjoy.


Are you looking for a Cheap Honeymoon Vacation ...hey, just because you are students at university and want to get married, doesn't mean you can't afford a romantic honeymoon vacation - barefoot and budget wise!

Once you know your budget, find an online vacation or talk to a couple of travel agents. Get brochures and see what the cruises have to offer, for fun times and costs. Make sure you see the type of dinner arrangements, the dress code, and whether they offer spa treatments and extras-at extra pricing.

You might want to also check out more information on
all inclusive vacation packages. Then you won't have to worry about going over-board, (sorry about the pun ;) when it comes to the cost of activities during your cruise.

Vacation Cruises - What's there to do on a boat?

Do you want to talk your family into a cruise, but they need ideas of what there is to do on a cruise ship?

Just give them this list!

By Day;

1. Everything from art auctions to trivia contests, guest speakers, and theme cruises,

2. Bingo, a classic and still popular cruise game,

3. Sports, including jogging, basketball, volleyball, miniature golf, computer driven golf simulators, multiple swimming pools, ping-pong, table tennis, scuba/snorkeling lessons, aerobics classes, and sports bars,

4. Beach parties, arts and crafts, dance classes, foreign language classes, games and contests, movies, video arcades and games, ice cream bar/parties.

By Night;

1. Vegas-style variety shows, with costumes and music

2. Night clubs, with music from high-tech, to jazz, to country-and-western,

3. Karaoke,

4. Shows with Comedians, or a classic piano bar,

Just make sure you check your brochures or online websites. Are the people having a more subdued, gentle holiday, in tuxedos and evening gowns? Or is the evening just warming up with couples dancing in strobe lights?

Vacation Cruises - Hints and Tips

Once you know the type of vacation dream you want;

1. Check the itinerary of the ship. What ports will you stop and shop at, or have the ship to yourselves?

2. Have all your passports ready, way ahead of time, and photocopy the front page. The one with your picture and information on it. Keep the photocopy in a separate place from the actual passport-just in case.

3. Where is your room located? Mid ship is best. If you are a light sleeper, try not to be right under the jogging track...

4. Get travel insurance. Shop around if you need to.

You're ready, go pack your bags. I am so jealous that every time I think of vacation cruises, I think of friends who took a theme cruise, with their favorite music bands! Can you imagine eating next to, walking along with, playing bingo beside your ultimate music icons? Then dressing up to hear them in an intimate concert just for you a few others, lazily floating at sea, having them all to yourself? Wow...what a vacation dream!

Finished Reading About Vacation Cruises?