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Do you have, or even need a Travel Insurance Policy?

What about travel health insurance or travel accident insurance? Should you get travel insurance quotes before you buy a policy? Do you have to buy through a travel agent?

'Yes' and 'Not necessarily.'

When you book your vacation dream, you should buy some form of travel insurance. It will cover you in case; your luggage is lost, your flights are delayed, trip cancellation, emergency evacuation or medical care.

When it comes to buying the insurance policy, shop around for the best vacation package deal. Travel agents usually make a commission on the policies they sell, so you might want to ask around at different agencies or even buy yours online.

Make sure you know and understand any limitations of the policy you buy. Ask if you are covered if you have to cancel your trip within 24 hours of departure? Or if you are covered if your travel company goes bankrupt while you are on your vacation dream.

Bankrupt??? Yup. Rare? Yes but, I actually talked to a lady who was with her husband and two kids, at their Best Family Vacation Spot, when their Travel Company went belly-up. Luckily, they went through the The Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) for their insurance. They were able to re-book them flights home, at no cost to the family. Other travels were not so lucky.

The chances of anything actually happening are pretty slim, otherwise people would be tired of all the problems and stop traveling, and insurance agencies wouldn't have any money left from paying out on claims. So it is very rare that something would happen.

Have peace of mind, and remember to budget in some travel insurance for your Coolest Vacation Spot! Book the time off from work and pack your bags. This is going to be the best vacation yet...knowing you are covered with
Your Travel Insurance Policy, for anything that might, accidentally, happen.

Do you have a Travel Story? We'd Love to hear all about it...

With your Travel Insurance Policy Check Out Vacation Cruises!

Or, Hawaii...

How about France!